Light Weight: Stainless Steel construction is 1/3 of the weight of a traditional Concrete pool. This makes it the best option on elevated applications and will save money on reinforced structure to handle the weight load on your building. This will give engineers the possibility to place pools in a area that would not have been previously feasible. Design:  Superior Stainless Steel Pools and Spas are custom designed in Auto CAD and fabricated to exact specifications. Concrete can be off by inches in some cases and relies solely on the skills of the local labor. We can incorporate features, curves and infinity edges that would not be available to form in concrete. Installation: We can drastically reduce installation times by building our products in shop and delivered in one piece or sections that can be quickly welded together in the field. Once craned into place and fastened to structure, the pool contractor can immediately begin plumbing and setting up equipment. This will also make installation very clean and easy without the need of multiple trades working with concrete and rebar and making a mess. Durability:  Superior Stainless Steel Pools and Spas are completely welded water tight and low maintenance. Proper maintenance will ensure the material will not crack, rust, leak or have to be refinished. Concrete shells are prone to settle, shift and crack over time especially in elevated applications with the movement of the building. This can lead to leaks over time which will be very costly to repair. Low Maintenance and Clean: Stainless Steel is smooth and nonporous which slows down the growth of bacteria and requires a minimal amount of cleaning. Stainless Steel will not absorb chemicals like plaster and concrete finishes reducing chemical usage. This smooth surface will also stop scrapes and rashes from swimmers bumping the walls. Green: Stainless Steel is one of the most environmentally friendly and sustainable materials used in construction today. It is 100% recyclable once it has completed its long life cycle.